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Ask Rona: My Hair Has Gone from Fiery Red to Auburn. Help!

QUESTION: I’m Carmina. I am Mexican and a natural redhead! And my hair has gone from fiery red to auburn. But, it changes on a daily basis. One day I have bright red hair, other days I have dull looking auburn hair. I’ve been trying to keep my red hair vibrant, but I don’t want to dye it! HELP!

ANSWER: By, Rona O’Connor: Hi Carmina! Unfortunately, all redheads do tend to brown out with age. For a redhead that may be more auburn,the hues go into the brown family; and if they are a lighter copper shade of red then they tend to dull out into more of a dishwater red/ blonde. It is sad to see beautiful red hair dull out,but there are easy solutions.

Here are a few tips and suggestions:

It is the natural process for redheads to start browning out in their 20’s and 30’s and this causes the hair to loose some of its fire.

As far as your hair changing all the time, keep in mind that the sunlight and/or bright lighting will always intensify your red, especially in pictures. And when the weather is grey, it also reflects on your red which makes it look browner.

There are a few treatments you can try to help maintain your red hues without permanent color.

Gloss: When many of my redheaded clients complain about “browning out” I always recommend a gloss because it is very natural with beautiful results. Yes, it is a form of coloring, but will not require commitment and doesn’t leave a line of demarcation. Glosses are a great way to start because they are transparent with hues and give great shine. There are various companies that have great glosses, but my absolute favorite is called ELUMEN by Goldwell. The gloss will wash out in 5/6 weeks so there is no commitment.

Glaze: Glazes are semi-permanent and is another option that can be customized into matching and reviving your red hair. It is a safe way to add red back into your hair with a little more tone and lasts about 5/6 weeks.

For a natural approach: Try squeezing lemon juice onto your roots and combing it thru your ends. Then, spend some time in the sun. This can lighten your hair up a bit,bringing out some of your red hues. Be sure to shampoo and condition.

Let me know if this helps! Good Luck!


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