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ASK RONA: I wish for the days when I would wake up with my natural red hair!

QUESTION: Hi Girls! I have every single redhead cliche and am truly a redhead inside and out. I am 50 and my natural red hair has turned to white; but I can’t imagine not being a redhead, so I color my hair to attain a vibrant color. I am having trouble because I buy permanent color and still have to touch up the roots every other week and the color always washes out, regardless of the brand. I spend a fortune on color and periodically go to my local salon to get my hair dyed red.

At this point, I am completely stumped.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this process normal? What are the best over-the-counter brands for redheads?

Everyday I wish for the days when I would wake up with my natural red hair and wish I could get some comfort from dying my hair red! Help! -Kelly

ANSWER: Rona O’Conner Hi Kelly, Your problems are common, so don’t feel hopeless. Luckily, there are many solutions! It sounds like your hair has a lot of white and may also be resistant. Hair that is very grey or white needs a color specifically designed for white hair so that the color absorbs properly and lasts. Resistant grey hair is also going to create tougher absorption, so if the formula isn’t correct for your hair type, the hair may only absorb half the color and fade quickly.

Also, keep in mind that most over-the-counter color products do not last as long as a professional hair color would.

Here are some solutions:

1. Only use shampoo and conditioner that designed for color treated hair. Goldwell has a great color shampoo and conditioner that is also sulfate-free called “True Color” in their DualSenses Green line. Pureology is also releasing an exciting hair care line for redheads in February 2013 called “Reviving Red.” Get more information here.

2. Look for a hair colorist who specializes in red hair color. Call a salon near you and ask for a complimentary color consultation. A professional will help you to determine the problems you’re having and help you get the results you are wanting.

If you’d like a bit more info,  tune in on February 20th at 7AM EST for the Balancing Act on Lifetime TV where I am on speaking about the do’s and don’ts of hair color.