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ASK RONA: How to Tease Hair Without It Going Flat

QUESTION: I want to be Christina Hendricks’ character, Joan from Mad Men, for Halloween and would love to tease my hair to get that full effect. Do you have any tips? Thanks!

ANSWER By Rona O’Connor: I love a high tease! For the best results, use a teasing brush that you can find at a beauty supply vendor. If you have no other choice, use a small narrow stiff brush. Here are 7 steps to awesome big hair that will never go flat:

1. Wash your hair with a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner to get it even bigger hair. Make sure you blow-dry or let hair fully dry. Never tease wet hair!

2A. You can either straighten your hair and get that pin-straight effect. Just make sure your top layer is straightened, because this is where you will be teasing.

2B. Or, you can keep your hair wavy and then tease. This is much closer to Joan from Mad Men‘s look.

3. Before teasing, hair spray the underneath so you get a bigger lift.

4. Tease your hair. Now, grab your teasing comb. Take your shortest layer and hold it up. Spray your roots in the area your holding, and comb backwards, towards the crown of the head.

5. Lightly brush on top of the hair to make everything look even.

6. Finish with tons of hairspray.

7. Remember: Don’t tease too heavy because you could really get tangled up. And if you do, use a lot of conditioner and comb it out with wet hair.