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ASK RONA: How to Curl Pin Straight Hair

QUESTION: I unfortunately got the stick straight hair gene and can never seem to make my curls stay. I’m going to a wedding soon and want to curl my hair, or try to. It’s so frustrating! How can I make my red curls stay defined for the entire day?

ANSWER By Rona O’Connor: Get bendable foam curlers (not like the ones worn on Emma Stone!) the size appropriate for the length of your hair. That way, you can wrap your hair around and sleep in.  They are specifically designed for sleeping, just like the old fashioned rag rollers.

1. Prep your damp hair with a flexible hold mousse. My personal favorite is Top Whip by Goldwell Style Sign because of its flexible hold and anti-humidity ingredients, so it’s not stiff, has memory and combats humidity.

2. Dry your hair about 80% before rolling it, especially if your hair is long or it will never dry.

3. Section off each part of hair and use the bendable curlers on every last section of hair.

4. When your beautiful red hair is completely dry, take the rollers out. Shake your head upside down, rake your curls out with your fingers to separate them. Lightly mist your hair with a flexible hold hairspray, holding the hairspray at least 10″ from your hair.

If you want an even curlier look, you can twist each 1/2″ section into little ropes and then wrap them around the roller.  The smaller the sections, the more curls, the faster it dries, the longer it lasts.  Make sure to test these routines once before the wedding to see what works best for you.


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