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Are Redheads Less Willing to Hear ‘No’ More Than Other Hair Colors?

Everyone knows redheads are stereotypically feisty and full of personality. But, are redheads more motivated & eager to succeed than those with blonde or brown hair? Can you be described as a go-getter? Do you chase after your dreams with tunnel vision? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you may want to read on.

This week, Glamour Magazine‘s Cindi Leive interviewed Stella McCartney (pictured left). The 43-year-old mother of four runs a fashion empire, but shared with Leive that it didn’t come without a fight:


CL: I loved the speech you gave accepting your company’s win for Designer Brand at the British Fashion Awards in 2012. You said that when you were going to start your own line, an unnamed top French executive said something like, “It’s going to fail. Don’t go back to England. There is no British female designer who has had a global brand.”

SM: I know—it’s so nice to have proved him wrong.

CL: How did you not hear that?

SM: It’s not my character. I’m a redhead. That’s the little bit of me that’s just like, No, I’m not taking that!


Stella McCartney is surely demonstrating that women with ruby colored hair are unbeatable. Our How to be a Redhead co-founders, Adrienne and Stephanie, share a similiar story. They recently told Fast Company and Daily Mail, “When we started a website geared towards female redheads, people thought we were absolutely crazy,” said Stephanie. “But, we went ahead and did it anyways. We are so happy we followed our gut.”

In general, women have are a force to be reckokend with. In a 2011 census study, there were 8,125,800 women-owned businesses, generating 1.3 trillion in revenue and employing over 7 million people. Women-owned businesses account for 29 percent of all enterprises. There is no doubt that women are more empowered and motivated than ever before.

Take Christina Hendricks’ recent press story as another example. When she was first offered a role in Mad Men, her then agency told her the show would never go anywhere. The actress told The Guardian in an article last week, “I had been on several shows that were meant to be the big ones, that would go on forever, and they didn’t. So, there was no sure bet and I’d already taken a chance on them and I felt, why not do the one you’re in love with and take a chance on that?” The two-time Critics Choice Television Awards winner for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Hendricks said she pursued the role regardless.

We can’t say for sure that hair color is the reason for a go-getter attitude, but we can say most redheads we meet are unstoppable. No matter where you are in life, never take no for an answer and show off your hair with pride. Let’s keep the trend going & Rock it like a Redhead!