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April 2018 H2BAR Box Review: “Bloom Where You’re Planted” Theme

I hope other redheads decide to get in on all this H2BAR Box fun!

I was absolutely thrilled to get to try the April “Bloom Where You’re Planted” H2BAR Box. The packaging was adorable and the products were plentiful (valued at $104). After testing everything for a couple of weeks, I have reviewed the ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved products. I hope it’s helpful, fellow gorgeous redheads!

1.Reviva Labs Ultra-Potency Purifying Antioxidant Serum (Anti-Aging)

THIS WAS THE BEST PRODUCT IN THE WHOLE BOX. Seriously, I cannot talk about how much I love this enough. For the most part, my skin is pretty normal-combination-y, but I have a really oily chin. I have a ton of whiteheads that I cannot seem to get rid of and it can get really oily really quickly. I’ve used products to fix this in the past that dry out my skin terribly, but this serum is incredible. Every night and morning after washing my face, I squirt two pumps into my hands and rub it into my face and neck. It made my skin super soft, it smells good, it served as a good primer for foundation, AND it kept my chin dry.

2. John Frieda Radiant Red: Red Boosting Shampoo and Conditioner

I really hadn’t put much stock in red boosting hair products because I thought it was only for dyed hair. First of all, this stuff smells divine (I’m pretty sure it’s because of the pomegranate extract in it). Secondly, it definitely made my natural red hair look super red. It even brought out the natural red undertones in my mom’s brunette hair, which she loved. I’ll have to steal it back because I loved it so much! Thirdly, and this is going to sound super weird, but the shampoo frothed really quickly, which is hard to find in a shampoo. I am a big fan of this product.

3. Abba Gentle Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner Treatment with ProQuinoa Complex

This was just a sample, so I didn’t get to use it as much as the Radiant Red product. I liked the odor a lot and the product itself felt silky smooth in my hair. While your hair is wet, you just squeeze it onto your scalp and dab it into your scalp with your fingertips. I was worried because it felt like it was going to dry in my hair, but it absorbed fully before my hair was dry.

4. Jivi Moisturizer with Sun Protection (Lavender Scent)

It smells delightful, it’s green which cancels out some of the red in my face, and it’s thick enough that you don’t have to use a lot (which means it will last for a long time). However, as I mentioned above, I have an oily chin. I’ve decided to only use it at night and over the serum, which works fantastically!

5. Dr’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish

I put it on my toenails (which are always crazy dry because I don’t know how to take care of my nails) and it seemed to clean them up a fair bit. You just brush it on like normal nail polish, however the color is really subtle (very pretty) so you might need two coats. So, all’s well that end’s well. It also lasted through my intense dance class, so it seems pretty great!

6. Crown Gel Eyeliner in Blue Steel and Dark Chocolate

I don’t wear a lot of eyeliner, so I don’t really have a standard for eyeliner, especially of the gel variety. But, the colors were beautiful and it lasted most of the day.

7. Tan Towel Face Tan Self-Tan Anti-Aging Towelette

First of all, I’ve pretty much accepted that I’m super pale and that’s how it’s going to be, so I’m not a big fan of self-tan products generally (I’ve had a bad history with them). However, this product definitely worked and was a super natural shade!

I think it’s obvious that the H2BAR box is 100% worth the purchase. The products are high quality and the box is well-thought out. And, everything most-definitely worked. I hope other redheads decide to get in on all this H2BAR Box fun!

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