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An Ancient Remedy to Keep Your Red Hair Shiny

With all of the outdoor activities everyone is doing, all ladies what to keep their hair healthy and strong; especially if you have gorgeous red hair. The best way to keep your red hair vibrant, is to use safe, chemical-free products and/or natural remedies.

Celebrity hair colorist, Rona O’Connor, recommends, “There’s an old, great trick to keep your hair shiny. Use mayonnaise, keep on for 20 minutes and rinse with a very tepid temperature because if the mayonnaise contains eggs, the eggs will curdle. It’s a very old school version that is only as natural as your mayonnaise!”

If you’re on the search for a product, it is important to find one that is free of harmful chemicals and sulfates. Go to your local health food store and ask for hair mask products or natural remedies that are the most popular and all-natural.


Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko,  © How to be a Redhead