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How Redheads Can Use Aluminum Foil to Remove Hair Static

Costs zero dollars and really works

Although useful in the kitchen, aluminum foil is not an item most of us keep in our beauty bags. But, did you know it can actually be quite useful for removing annoying hair static? Yes, that’s right, you can use a piece of aluminum foil to help smooth flyaways and frizz in your red hair:

How to avoid static in the first place 

You’ll likely experience hair static more often during the colder months due to dryness and lower humidity levels. Habits like wearing a hat or brushing your hair vigorously can also cause static in your hair.

Redheads can be more prone to hair static

Redheads usually have coarser and frizzier hair, and this hair type is more prone to hair static.

So, we’ll take any tricks to stop it in its tracks, right?!

How to use aluminum foil trick to stop static 

Science is the reason this trick works, the foil neutralizes static buildup during the electron exchange ultimately eliminating frizz and static. This is the opposite effect of rubbing a balloon on your hair would have. 

You can take a small, clean sheet of aluminum foil and fold it over the hair starting at the root. Then drag it down the hair shaft and remove it to reveal static-free hair. You can run it over straight red hair or curls. If you want to tame flyaways and help the hair keep its hold, spritz a little hairspray onto the aluminum foil first. 

This hack is perfect for refreshing second-day hair, taming a frizzy blowout, or just smoothing down a slicked-back look in a pinch. 

The added bonus? You probably already have sheets of aluminum foil in your pantry, so there’s no need to drop dollars on another hair product. 

Watch this new trick in action:

Rock it like a Redhead!