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Jennifer Haynes

Aloe Vera – Summer Insurance Policy for Redheads

By: Jennifer Haynes

It is rumored that aloe vera was one of Cleopatra’s secrets to staying beautiful and young. It is used in many beauty products due to its high vitamin and mineral content and is most commonly use for dry and/or burned skin. Sunburns gradually reduce your skins elasticity, so it’s great to use daily in the summer to replenish moisture in the skin. The reason it is so great is because it can penetrate through many layers of the skin healing it from the inside out.

Aloe vera comes in supplements and in gel forms. Below are the benefits for both:

External Benefits:

1. Calms irritation or redness in the skin.

2. Restores natural pH of skin and scalp.

3. Anti-aging preventing wrinkles, slowing the process of aging.

4. Softens skin.

5. Protects against hair loss.

Internal Benefits:

1. Detoxes your entire body without robbing it of nutrients as other detox diet plans tend to.

2. Fights colon cancer.

3. Fights allergies and sinus problems.

4. Aids in excellent digestion and absorption of nutrients and vitamins.

5. Keeps blood pressure under control.

6. Improves blood circulation.

Add aloe vera in your daily regiment and you’re guaranteed to have a beautiful summer- inside and out!