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After-Thanksgiving Beauty Recovery for Redheads

Most of America over-indulged at Thanksgiving yesterday and will continue throughout the week! To combat the excesses of the holiday season, all you need is a simple detoxifying regimen to brighten and support your ivory, fair skin.  Here are a few great treatments to help you recover from those over-indulgences:

1. Exfoliate: It’s great to remove dead skin to achieve healthy skin and it’s easy to attain with the simple use of raw sugar.

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2. Reduce Inflammation: To reduce inflammation or congestion, choose powerful, ingredients such as chamomile and ginger. Choose natural teas.

3. Brighten: Choose peels or face masks that will give your face life. Look for brightening, tone-evening actives like lemon, bamboo, ginger and licorice root.

4. De-Stress: There’s nothing more important than keeping your skin and body protected from the stress the holidays can bring. Antioxidants work to repair tired skin. The easiest and best kind of antioxidant you can have is green tea. Also make sure to get lots of sleep and rest!

5. Hydrate: Thanksgiving break also brings about the onset of a colder, dryer climate. Dry skin can become annoyingly itchy and painful. Keeping hydrated from the inside out is crucial. Drink lots of water and take good fats like flax, fish oils and quality olive oil. Also, use moisturizers that will help your redheaded skin absorb and retain water.

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..For the mean time, enjoy the holidays and when the time is right, refer to the above necessities for your after-Thanksgiving recovery!