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Accepting Your “Ghost-Like” Whiteness

A few weeks ago, a reader wrote in saying, “I’ve accepted my ghost-like whiteness.” It’s a great statement because redheads should be empowered by their red hair and feel confident when rocking their natural beauty.

If you haven’t quite reached the point where you are exclaiming to the sky above “thank you for my beautiful red hair”, then here are some tips on how to be a knock-out, confident redhead:

1. Don’t Let The Teasing Bother You: Be a proud example. Compliment a redhead on their hair or freckles; If someone makes a ginger joke, refrain from getting offended; If you can see someone’s true red roots growing in under all the hair dye, ask them why they choose to dye their hair. What could go wrong? You might just help them change their minds. In the end, if you’re bullied, laugh at it. Be the bigger person. Love yourself.


2. All Redheads Are Born With Confidence: Take a look at all Hollywood redheads and there is one commonality: confidence. If you take Nicole Kidman for example, she has spoken candidly about how being a tall and skinny teenager with curly hair made her feel insecure, but once she got older, she realized her true beauty. Her red hair helped her embrace her beauty (inside and out) and now there is no doubt that the public will always view Nicole as someone who exudes a natural, subtle confidence.

You can find that inner confidence in you, too. Sometimes, by pretending you’re happy about your hair, you’ll eventually BE happy about your hair. You might be surprised how easy it is to trick yourself into believing something.

Don’t listen to your doubters – you CAN do anything you put your mind to!

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3. Accept Your Redhead Features: By accepting your “ghost-like” whiteness, your vibrant red hair, beautiful eye color and freckles, you will actually notice that you’re a more confident person; sooner or later you’ll love your red hair more than anything. People around you will suddenly feel the vibe of your empowerment and you’ll catch people saying, “Wow! I wish I had red hair!”

What are some ways you accept your “ghost-like” whiteness?