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Natasha Holler

A Redhead’s Relaxing Respite: 4 Tips on Avoiding Relationship Stress on Vacation

By: Natasha Holler

You’ve been worrying your pretty red head about everything lately – work is stressful, you haven’t done laundry in weeks, and even your social outings seem like a chore. Your solution? A relaxing vacation!

Whether you’re planning to party with your girls or are ready for romance with your significant other, your glamorous getaway could be anything but stress-free if you’re not careful. Make sure you follow these tips to work on building relationship bonds rather than breaking them during your holiday away:

Be sure to plan, but don’t let your inherent redhead traits take control and take care not to over-plan. Reserve any airfare, hotel rooms or rental cars you need, and be sure to do some research on the place that you’re visiting – find any interesting restaurants, museums, or hiking trails you want to explore. You can (and should!) even plan some excursions if it’s the type of thing you need to book ahead of time… but you should also be realistic. Trying to take in everything your destination has to offer will cause you unnecessary stress, and ultimately can take a toll on your relationship.

Accept the fact that not everything will go according to plan. You’ve heard it before… the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry… well, the same goes for the best laid plans of redheads on vacation! Try to build in some cushion days on either end of your trip, and if something does go wrong, take a deep breath and remember, it’s all part of the experience. You might even find that a spontaneous adventure may be the highlight of your trip!

No one wants to worry about what’s going on at home while they’re away, so wrap up loose ends at work and at home well in advance. Give a friend or a family member your entire itinerary and a way to reach you in an emergency, implore a trustworthy neighbor or friend to water your plants and feed your cat, and remember that your job doesn’t define your life. If you’ve taken care of your responsibilities before you left, anything else can wait until you return. It’s a good idea to take your phone with you in case of emergencies, but it’s an even better idea to leave it turned off until you need a map or to call home to check with your puppy-sitter. Be with the friend, or boyfriend, who is there – that’s the point of vacationing together! The tension caused by consistently checking your email or sending texts to your sister is easily avoidable… be present, and you’ll have a healthy relationship.

You’ve got quite a brain under that crimson crown, so use it to pack smart. If you’re flying, packing any valuables, medications, and a change of clothes in your carry-on is a must… and if you’re going somewhere that you’ll need to transport your luggage frequently, pack light – especially if you’re staying at a hotel that offers laundry service and in-room hairdryers. There’s no avoiding an argument with your significant other when you’re each dragging three bags through the unfamiliar streets of Stockholm, Sweden at 10:00pm on a frigid January night. (Yes, I confess.)  Comfortable, multi-purpose shoes, blazers and jeans that can be worn more than once, scarves that can dress up an outfit and keep you warm or protected from the sun… and just the essentials when it comes your beauty regime; no redhead can be without a mascara, some sunscreen, your trusty lotion, a good foundation, some lip gloss and your favorite eye shadow, but leave your eyelash curler/ teeth whitening kit / cuticle cream/ home pedicure spa behind… you’re beautiful without it, and your travel partner thinks so too!

Rock it, ladies.