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Gifting Tips For Gorgeous Ginger Couples

By Guest Author: Natasha Holler 

Updated: December 5, 2020

Money can’t buy you love – whether you’re a redhead or not – so why do we stress out so much about buying gifts for our significant others? Whether you’ve been dating for 25 days or 25 years, holiday shopping for your partner is never easy. This year, crimson beauties everywhere can stop stressing and start celebrating when you follow these helpful tips for gift giving.

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1. Purchase an experience 

With each progressing year, we all discover we want less and less… stuff. Well, your partner is no different. Don’t waste your time buying tons and tons of things that are just going to sit around and collect dustExperiences matter more than any tacky holiday sweater, video game, or cutesy boxers you could buy. If you really know your beau, you know what they like. If he/she enjoys camping, plan a getaway for when the warmer weather breaks; if he/she is a golfer, gift a membership to a local club; if he/she is a wine connoisseur, buy tickets for a spring wine trail tasting. The possibilities are endless – just play off of the interests and you’re sure to find a gift they will actually appreciate.

2. Communicate

This is a tip you hear time and again, but it’s truly one of the most important things in making your red-hot relationship work – communication is so important! Communicating with your significant other can put an end to any awkward gift exchange… just make sure you’re both being honest and up front, and don’t be upset when the big day comes and you realize that “we shouldn’t exchange gifts this year” means just that!

3. Put the time in

It may be an overused, cringe-worthy statement, but it’s really the thought that counts. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on that brand name watch. Redheads are an outspoken bunch – your partner should know that you’re a babe on a budget, and they should respect that fact. Instead of splurging on a lavish present you can’t afford, get your partner practical things that they’ve been wanting but would probably not buy for themselves.

4. Do what works for you as a couple

This is the most important tip of this entire article! Personally, I get just as much joy, if not more, in putting a gift together for my significant other than I do receiving one! Because of that, I love exchanging gifts… however, that might not be the case for every red-haired hottie and their partner. If not swapping gifts makes you happier, then don’t force an exchange – maybe you could even discuss donating to a charity instead.

No matter what you give, receive, or don’t this holiday season, just remember to appreciate what you do have – gorgeous locks and a fabulous red life!

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