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9 Reasons Why You Need To Celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day

Told in GIFs. Enjoy, redheads!

Updated: 2023

Mark your calendars, redheads! National Love Your Red Hair Day is November 5th. Since 2011, How to be a Redhead has been empowering redheads to feel confident, look amazing and rock their beauty. Adrienne + Stephanie (our co-founders) noticed there were hateful days like “Kick a Ginger Day” and wanted a day that spread a positive message instead.

“We wanted to create a nationally recognized day of the year that empowered redheads to LOVE their hair. But, most of all, it’s a reminder for women everywhere, redhead or not, to love their unique qualities,” says Stephanie.

Looking for a way to celebrate your red hair, look no further:

Finally Glossy® Shine & Luminosity Shampoo for Redheads

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The 1st Annual Love Your Red Hair Day began in 2015…

Here are 9 reasons why you need to be celebrating this special day on November 5th:

1. It’s a day just for us.


2. We’ll be turning it up on social media.

Use hashtag #LoveYourRedHairDay


3. Everyone will be celebrating YOU!

Blondes, brunettes, men, women.. it’s all about your gorgeous hair.


4. Us natural redheads are 2% of the population..

…that is still millions and millions of people. We’re not going extinct!


5. You’ll want to be ahead of the game, just in case people stop you on the street to tell you it’s National Love Your Red Hair Day.


6. No other hair color has its own day.

*Cough, cough.* Redheads are awesome.


7. A perfect day to rock your favorite hairstyle.

Even this Inside Out Braid.


8. We give you permission to be extra fiery today.


9. Not only will everyone be celebrating this day, but redheads all over the world will be celebrating too.

It’s like one big redhead party! And that’s pretty special.



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 Use #LoveYourRedHairDay on November 5th & Rock it like a Redhead!