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9 Mistakes You’re Making When You Fill in Your Redhead Eyebrows

Updated: November 2nd, 2023

Avoid these mistakes the next time you’re filling in your redhead eyebrows!

1. You’re matching the brow shade to your red hair. 

Instead, choose an eyebrow color that’s at least 1 to 2 shades darker than your red hair.

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2. You’re going overboard with the highlighter.

Don’t use a white frosted highlighter! Opt for a highlighter that’s 1 to 2 shades lighter than your foundation. Try Chella Eyebrow Highlighter in Ivory Lace or WUNDER2 Wunderbrow Define and Highlighter

3. You’re leaving the brow too short. 

The tail should line up with the corner of the nose.

4. You’re using the wrong product. 

There are so many brow products out on the market –– from powders to pencils to gels to pomades. It’s all about finding the right one for you that is ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved. We typically like to start with a pencil and then lock it all in with Finally Have Brows — the tinted eyebrow gel for redheads.

Learn more about Finally Have Brows:

For the perfect brows, use the Ultra Fine Redhead Brow Pencil’s automatic liner with a built-in grooming brush to fill in brows. Then, use the Volumizing to tint, condition and fluff. Lastly, use the Longwearing to tint, tame and lock. Get ready for fluffy, full, and always natural-looking redhead brows.


What’s next for Finally Have Brows? 

AVAILABLE NOW: Finally Have Brows Clear Brow Gel. It’s best for redheads who want to embrace their natural brow color but desire a fuller/more even look. Tip: This product can also be applied after using Finally Have Brows gels or pencil in Universal Red.

Finally Have Brows® - Clear Brow Gel: $25

5. You’re using too much product. 

Go easy! Sometimes all you need are a few strokes of brow product to really make your brows stand out.

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6. You’re not getting them groomed. 

Try threading every 4-6 weeks, with tweezing as maintenance in-between your appointments. Make sure to tell the person threading your brows that you want full, natural-looking brows.

7. You’re not following your shape. 

Try starting in the middle of your brow, then work on the tail and then do a few brush strokes in the beginning of the brow.

8. You’re not blending and brushing correctly. 

Make sure you have a spoolie brush with you whenever you’re filling in those brows. And, always brush the way your hairs grow.

9. You’re doing your brows first.

Fill them in towards the end of your makeup routine. This will ensure they are perfectly filled in!


Rock it like a Redhead!