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9 Halloween Costume Ideas For Redheaded Kids

Too cute!

1. The Little Red Haired Girl

What you’ll need: A turquoise dress paired with socks and a headband.

2. Princess Merida from “Brave”

What you’ll need: A fearless dress and curly red locks.

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3. Ron Weasley 

What you’ll need: A black cap and a sword. No need for the wig!

Get the costume here

4. Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”

What you’ll need: A beautiful mermaid princess dress, of course!

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5. Lucille Ball from “I Love Lucy”

What you’ll need: This fun “I Love Lucy’ shirt and an apron.

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6. Pippi Longstocking

What you’ll need: Braided pigtails, striped socks and a cotton dress.

Credit: Pinterest

7. Pebbles from “The Flintstones”

What you’ll need: A plastic bone to include in the top bun or ponytail and this adorable cave-girl costume.

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8. Annie

What you’ll need: A red dress and curly red hair. You can opt for a wig, but we recommend letting your kid’s hair do the talking!

Get the costume here

9. Princess Anna from “Frozen”

What you’ll need: An enchanting princess dress.

What is your redhead kid being for Halloween? Share below!

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