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Carmina Alvarez

8 Ways to Fake a Good Night Sleep-Redhead Style

Redheads have very busy lives and always want to look fabulous the next morning! Here are a few tips on how to not look tired the next morning:


1. Hydrate Your Skin: These are a quick and great way to reduce tired looking and puffy eyes. Make sure to keep them in the fridge or in the freezer at all times. Leave it on your eyes 5 to 10 minutes. If you don’t have a Cold Eye Mask, just fill a large bowl with ice cubes and cold water, soak a cloth into the water and gently press the area around your eyes. Then, place the cloth over your eyes for 5 minutes. Repeat if necessary. Dry your face and continue with your usual face cleansing and moisturize routine.

2. Concealer: After a great party, redheads have to cope with very noticeable under eye dark circles. So, concealer is a must! Right after you cleanse and moisturize your face, dot concealer only where the dark circles appear. Use your ring finger or a soft eye-shadow brush to blend it all the way up to the lids. The warmth of your finger will melt the concealer perfectly into your skin. Redheads should opt for a  creamy concealer like Korres “Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle” Concealer.

3. Eyelashes: Another tip to avoid looking tired after a long night, is to perfectly curl your eye lashes. This will make your eyes look wide and awake.

4. Mascara: After you curled your eye lashes, apply a couple of coats of mascara on top and bottom lashes. This too, will make you look more awake and less tired.

5. Bright Lipstick: Apply a bright red, pink or coral lipstick. This will draw full attention to your lips and less attention to your eyes. Opt for a great lipstick color like Topshop “Mischief.”

6. Coral Blush: Nothing will make you look more awake and fresh than blushed cheeks. Apply a coral or pink blush to the apple of your cheeks and a small amount of highlighter above it, and your face will glow.

7. Gold  Eyeshadow: To look really awake, dab your ring finger into a eyeshadow like the Urban Decay “Vanilla” eyeshadow that has a golden- pearly tone and apply it into the inside corner of your eyes. This will make your eyes look more awake and brighter.

8. White Pencil Eyeliner: Line inside your eyes, just above the lash line with a white eye liner to make your eyes look wider.

Rock it like a Redhead!