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7 New ‘Redhead Friendly’ Products from the H2BAR Shop

Get ready to shop!

How to be a Redhead (H2BAR for short) was created almost 8 years ago with the goal to have a platform for redheads worldwide to turn to for beauty tips, confidence advice and more. We then grew into Rock it like a Redhead beauty tours spanning nationwide and soon after, a USA book tour to promote the world’s first and only beauty book for redheads.

In 2015, we launched the H2BAR Box, a monthly beauty subscription box for redheads. It sells out monthly and from there, we just launched the How to be a Redhead e-commerce shop in November of 2018. This one-stop-shop for everything ‘redhead friendly’ will have our favorite skin products, makeup items, apparel and hair care essentials.

We’re excited to share the first roundup of new products:

1. The perfect nude lip 

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2. The day-to-night eyeshadow palette

It even has a few (perfect) shadows that can acutally be used to fill in redhead eyebrows!

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3. The perfect mermaid polish

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4. The mascara for all redheads 

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5. The ‘yes redheads can rock red’ lipstick 

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6. The flawless but effortless eyeshadow 

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7. The redhead long-sleeve shirt 


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Shop now and don’t forget to subscribe to the H2BAR Box: ‘Redhead Friendly’ beauty products delivered monthly and always worth $80!