You’re unique, your products should be too


6 Things Being a Redhead Taught Us About Business

Never mess with a redhead.

By:’s Co-Founder’s, Adrienne & Stephanie Vendetti

1. Red hair taught us that it’s always good to stick out.

When you’re a kid, especially a redhead kid, it’s ideal to blend in with the crowd. You do not want to bring much attention to yourself because it might result in jokes about you. As we got older, we realized it is best when you do not blend in because it gave us a competitive advantage. When we started, we knew we immediately had market share in the beauty industry because we stood out amongst the rest.

Whenever someone starts a business, you will hear from many, “How are you different than…” No one had to ask us that question, it was already known.

2. Red hair taught us why differentiating your business is ideal.

Companies spend an extramental amount of money to differentiate themselves from competitors. We have spent our entire life being “different”, so not only did we have experience on how to succeed being unique, but we knew how to thrive.

3. Red hair taught us why it’s best to accept the feistiness.

It’s a stereotype: redheads are fiery and feisty. In our case, we really are. Our internal nature gave us the courage to fuel the growth and passion for the How to be a Redhead brand. When we speak about why we started a brand for redheads, many laugh at us. But, once we start talking about why we did it, it’s evident to others that we feel strongly about the platform we created.

4. Red hair taught us why it’s best to relate to your customer. 

Many companies simply cannot relate to their customer. They rely on marketing tools (i.e focus groups and statistics) to give them insight into those who keep their businesses afloat. We knew from the start that we’d build a successful business because we can put ourselves in the shoes of our followers. Our customers are redheads and we are redheads. It has been incredibly natural for us to keep growing our business because we know what our customers want next. We began doing Rock it like a Redhead beauty events because we remember how it was to go to prom and have nowhere to go for makeup advice; so we built a series of beauty events across the USA to give redheads guidance and empowerment. We also remember wishing there was a “red subscription box” that would be sent to your house with beauty products specifically for redheads. So, in October 2015, we launched the H2BAR Box. The world’s 1st beauty subscription box for redheads. We are currently sold out. If we weren’t redheads we would have never been able to tap into this niche market.

5. Red hair taught us how to overcome challenges. 

Many redheads face intense bullying at school, home and personal life. We remember how it felt and got through it. If redheads could give advice to younger redheads about bullying, it would be: “It gets better.” It really does. And, somehow, it gives you a thicker skin; a quality you need in the business world. If you’re easily persuaded or bullied, the chances of your business making it is slim to none. Most business owners know the immense drive and focus you need to make it succeed. Now, we’re thankful we were bullied because it taught us at a young age how to overcome anything that comes our way.

6. Red hair taught us about the true power of the color red.

The color red is powerful. Our red hair was the reason for our How to be a Redhead logo creation, the branding of the H2BAR Box, the color theme at our Rock it like a Redhead events and hundreds of other relatable projects. We get compliments about our logo and brand, they say, “It just stood out to me.” And we smile because if it wasn’t for our red hair we wouldn’t be where we are today.

.. What has being a redhead taught you? Rock it like a Redhead! 

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