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6 New ‘Redhead Friendly’ Nail Colors for Spring 2020


Spring can be a fun time to play with ‘redhead friendly’ nail colors as days grow brighter and fashion becomes more colorful. In the past, some non-redheaded people have told me fair redheads should avoid wearing bright nail polish colors in order to ‘blend in more”’. My philosophy is: it’s better for redheads to stand out from the crowd!

Here are some vibrant ‘redhead friendly’ nail colors to start off your spring in style. Each of these colors has worked well for me and can brighten up any wardrobe this spring.

1. Hot Pink

This color makes a bold and beautiful statement as spring blossoms begin to appear. I recommend Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in ‘Coral Reef’ for its color and long-lasting freshness. This nail polish appears like new days after application and is resistant to fading and chipping.

2. Aqua Blue

A ‘redhead friendly’ color that looks great with freckles and fair skin. It is also flexible; it can work if you’re going for a cool beach look or want to add a touch of the bright sky to your spring style. Try essie Nail Polish in ‘In The Cab-Ana’ to get this effect.

Listen below to Episode 5, Season 2 of the How to be a Redhead Podcast with Celebrity Nail Artist, Maria Salandra: 

3. White 

Add a hint of spring lilies to a floral ensemble with white nails. It is sophisticated and matches well with most other colors, while still adding brightness to your style. Turn to a cool-white like OPI’s ‘Funny Bunny’.

4. Baby Blue

Periwinkle blends of blue and violet look lovely paired with our red hair. I recommend Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Nail Polish in ‘Sugar Fix’ to add a fun and elegant flair to your spring fashion.

5. Yellow 

Nothing screams ‘It’s spring!’ like a bright yellow polish on your nails. Try a cool-yellow like ZOYA Nail-Polish in ‘Bee‘ to complement your freckles and skin.

6. Light Gold 

We love this color (essie ‘Good As Gold’) year-round. It’s festive enough to celebrate birthdays, spring/summer fun and gives a pop.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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