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5 Ways to Streamline Your Morning

By: Guest Writer, Autumn Witts

Soft sunshine filters through your curtains and the birds tweet outside the window . . . and you jolt awake with the realization that you have to speed off to work all too soon. For many of us redheads, this is a daily routine, and we can all benefit from some painless tips on how to streamline our hectic morning routine.

1. Picking out your clothes the night before is a common practice that many of us have been doing since childhood. But how many times do you hurriedly change your mind the next day after seeing that the pieces don’t seem to fit you quite right? Therefore, actually try on the clothing the night before to see how they complement one another. If you find yourself caught off-guard with little time to spare, have a few “go-to redhead friendly” pieces selected that you know will always look good no matter how bloated you are – jeans with a nice blazer is always a safe bet.

2. A lot of time can be wasted when you have to rip apart your house to look for your keys, so do yourself a favor by keeping the items in the same, designated place on a daily basis. Furthermore, keep your shoes and jewelry organized so you don’t have to squander away the minutes by searching for a matching pair of heels or earrings.

3. Applying certain cosmetics can be time consuming while others are quick and easy; additionally, certain ones are worth the effort and some can be a waste of your precious time. While only you can be a judge of what makes you feel polished and ready to face the world, below are some tips to consider:

-A tinted moisturizer or beauty balm are handy, as they will provide your skin with a youthful, dewy look and even out inconsistent complexions while providing critical SPF protection. The best part? It requires very little blending so you can quickly rub it on without the worry of streaking. Dab concealer underneath your eyes and on blemishes, and your skin is ready to go!

Eyeliner on the top lid and mascara will help to add definition to your eyes and make you look more awake, but skip the eye shadow. If you apply it in a rush, chances are that it will appear sloppy, which will unnecessarily ultimately detract from your look.

-Because the upper half of your face is minimalistic, don’t be afraid to add some quick color to your lips with a few swipes of tinted gloss or lipstick to easily add extra class to your look. Consider purchasing a cheek and lip stain, a two-in-one product that effortlessly adds hints of pink to your skin and mouth.

4. Your hair can be another source of frustration when you’re battling the clock to get ready in the morning. Luckily, there are simple styles you can perfect. The loose side braid is now popular and is easy to pull-off no matter your hair’s texture. When pulling your hair into a high ponytail or low knot, remember that the redhead bobby pins are your best friend, and it’s always wise to store a couple in your purse in the scenario that your hair falls out of place throughout the day. If your hair is looking on the greasy side, dry shampoo is a quick way to get rid of the excess slickness while also adding fun volume.

5. Skipping breakfast is never advisable, as it will leave you feeling depleted of energy, can set the tone for the day and skipping will have you feeling grumpy and hungry. However, sometimes a gal has to grab breakfast on the go, so have an assortment of foods that can easily be snatched up and gobbled while driving to work, like an apple, bagel or snack bar. As tempting as it may be to reach for coffee, don’t forget to stay hydrated with water as well!

Tell us redheads, what do YOU do to streamline your morning routine?