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5 Reasons Why Redhead Women Make The Best Wives

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Madrid-based photographer Marta Soul is a founding member of NOPHOTO, a collective of contemporary photographers. Her projects reflect on the interplay between images and reality. In one of her series named, Idilios, she writes, ‘Idilios’ (Spanish lyrical word for ‘romances’ in English) shows a series of romantic recreations by the same redhead woman.

The series is constructed in an ideal context in order to accentuate the romantic love experience. So, we thought we’d combine the romantic with the factual using her beautiful artwork:

1. Redhead women are extraordinary and loyal.

She will always be by your side. 


2. Redheads are usually fiery and opinionated, and will help to make the tough decisions.

Sit back and don’t worry! 


3. Redheads are passionate.

You never have to worry about life being boring. 


4. All women exude confidence, but women with red hair (arguably) show even more.

She will stick up for her man no matter what.


5. Redheads stand out from other women.

Basically, you will be the luckiest man alive. 

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Rock it like a Redhead! 

All photos © Marta Soul