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5 Most Popular Redhead Men’s Haircuts

Stylish Cuts for Men

We talk a lot about haircuts and hairstyles for redheaded ladies, but what about the redhead men? Your red hair deserves to look just as good as the ladies, and with the right hairstyle, it can.

Here are some of our favorite hot hairstyles for crimson-haired men: 

Crisp side part

Add some definition to your red hair with a crisp-cut side part. This sleek look will help you feel put together and stylish. 

Gentleman’s waves

Embrace your ginger waves with a cut that both shows them off and tames them for a sophisticated yet fun look.

Short and piecey

Want something low maintenance you can just throw some product in and go? Try a short piecey look that’s effortless and still stylish.

Long-tamed texture

If you’ve got some natural texture to your hair you might want to try a tamed textured look. This cut is a little more maintenance but well worth it. 

Low pompadour

Give your red hair the ultimate power cut with a low brushed-back pompadour. This cut pairs great with a sleek cut beard or a clean shave. 

Rock it like a Redhead!