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5 (More) TikTok Hair Hacks for Redheads

We just can’t get enough of these easy TikTok hair hacks for redheads –– so we’re back with more! Your fellow redheads on TikTok sure do have some tricks up their sleeve.

Keep scrolling for some easy TikTok hair hacks for redheads 

1. Perfect Curls in 5 Minutes

Running low on time? Get perfect curls in just 5 minutes with this pigtail curling hack.


I had to fix that heatless curl trend mess ASAP✨ #aprendecontiktok #selftaught #lifehack #hairgoals

♬ telepatía – Kali Uchis

2. Hidden Hair Tie

We’ve been doing the hidden hair tie look for years, but it always requires a pesky bobby pin. Here’s a hack for skipping the bobby pin! 


Reply to @ltbschoolpsych same technique, a little easier to do!! #hairhack

♬ Astronaut In The Ocean – Masked Wolf

3. 3-Step Bun

Struggling to get your heavy bun to stay on top of your head? Check out this hack. It takes one hair tie and two twist-ins for the perfect bun. 


A boring one🙃but if you don’t have these spiral grips you need them no bobble needed

♬ diet mountain dew bby – estelle ☆

4. Easily Remove Hair Bands

If you’ve ever used little hair rubber bands, you know what a pain they can be to get out of your hair at the end of the day. Well forget what you knew, there’s a new way to remove them.

5. Save Your Blowout

You got a blowout and it’s looking great, but when you went to shower the underside got ruined from the moisture. Fear not, here’s how to refresh the blowout and have it looking good as new.


Hair Hack! #DontQuitYourDaydream #UltaSkinTok #fyp #redhair #hairtok #hairtok2021 #hairhack #hairhacksandtips

♬ One in a Wild Side JAYBeatz – JAYBeatz

Rock it like a Redhead!