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Alyssa Showalter

5 Foods For Healthier Red Hair in 2016

Stock up, redheads!

By: Alyssa Showalter

A new year for new beginnings, which is exciting and we all want to charge into the new year with vigor. For many of us, resolutions include: eating healthy, taking care of ourselves and going to the gym more often. Maybe it’s best to add your hair to the list since our red hair is just as important as our body and what we eat.

Here are just 5 foods that can help you eat healthier and give you luxurious hair in 2016:

1. Shiny Salmon

Omega-3 fish oils help bring shine back into your hair, along with helping prevent heart problems. Win-win in my book.

2. Grow with the Greek Yogurt

Going to the Greek on this will help build and prevent hair loss. Healthy, tasty, and keeps those red locks growing.

3. Splitting Spinach

Hard to believe this since Popeye wasn’t exactly dealing with too many split ends. Or maybe he was. Any ways, this will get your iron and vitamin C servings out of the way, along with preventing fighting those split ends.

4. Thick chicken legs for thick hair

Sorry, vegans and vegetarians! It has proven that chicken helps with hair growth, which results with thicker hair. Turkey and chicken is the popular choice since they are less in saturated fats. Your hair will look great for it.

5. Eggs for Egg-celent Growth

Vitamin B and iron can help you and your hair, and eggs have both. The Vitamin B gives you the energy you need to stay alert. As well as help hair grow. Eggs are more good than bad, and they actually do a lot to keep you and your hair healthy.

This world is filled with plenty of super foods that taste great and will help you get on the healthy track. We can all agree, beautiful red hair makes everyone happy.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Research via “Top 10 Foods for Healthy Hair” from WebMD.

Photo via FreePeople.