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5 Facial Beauty Tech Gadgets for Redheads

Take Your Redhead Beauty Routine to the Next Level

Redhead beauty routines have come a long way and we live in a world where there’s a gadget or a tool for just about anything you could think of. When it comes to facial beauty tech gadgets, how do you know which ones are essential for your redhead skincare routine? This might depend on your skin type and skin goals. 

For many redheads, their skin is sensitive and their goals include added hydration, combating acne, and keeping skin bright, youthful, and glowing. Here are a few of our favorite ‘Redhead-Friendly’ beauty tech gadgets to help achieve your skin goals. 

1. If you’re looking to get rid of peach fuzz 

DERMAFLASH LUXE Anti-Aging, Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal

Get radiant, glowing skin while improving texture and reducing the signs of aging with at-home dermaplaning. Additionally, dermaplaning will remove peach fuzz for smoother skin and gently exfoliate



2. If you’re looking for a deep cleanse 

Foreo LUNA 3 For Sensitive Skin

Lifting away dirt, excess oil, and build-up has never been easier, and now you don’t have to worry about irritating your sensitive skin. This handy tool helps to penetrate the skin and give you a deeper cleanse for healthier skin.



3. If you’re looking to exfoliate and cleanse

Clarisonic Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Gently remove stubborn makeup while exfoliating the skin without irritation. This dermatologist-recommended device will help you get clean skin and to prepare for better absorption of creams and serums.



4. If you’re looking for extra hydration 

NanoSteamer Facial Steamer

Hydrate and rejuvenate the skin while clearing up pesky blemishes and improving overall skin health. Warm facial steaming is perfect for opening the skin to easily remove blackheads and blemishes as well as hydrating for a more youthful glow. 



5. If you’re looking to reduce puffiness

Jade Facial Roller and Gua Sha Tool

New technology is great, but nothing beats ancient beauty traditions. This jade facial roller and gua sha set will give you all the essentials for better skin. Massage the face while reducing wrinkles, reducing the appearance of under-eye circles, and stimulating the lymphatic drainage system. 



Rock it like a Redhead!