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4 Words Describing Freckles You’ve Never Heard Before

They're ALL perfect descriptions!

A freckle by any other name…

Sun kisses, angel kisses,

sparkles, or speckles;

there are numerous names

for a redhead’s dear freckles.

As summer comes to a close and some of our sun-given dots begin to fade, let us honor our beautiful be-spotted selves. Below are four words which describe freckles in different languages:

1. Scottish Gaelic: a’breac-sheunain: ah brehk-hay-een

Scotland can boast the highest percentage of redheads in the world, and, quite fittingly, was also the host of the first-ever Ginger Pride Parade, in 2013, in its

2. Irish Gaelic: Briciní: brick-een-ee

The Irish call freckles “briciní”, which translates to “little stars”–a perfect description which brings to mind the quote “A face without freckles is like a night without stars.” So true!

3. Russian: веснушки: vesnushki

The word “Russia” literally means “land of reds”, and also has a high percentage of redheads in its population; notably, the Udmurt people in central Russia are known for their fiery locks.

4. German: Sommersprossen

“Sommersprossen” literally means “summer sprouts”–a perfect description of the sweet polka-dots that pop up and gain prominence during the summer months.

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Regardless of what language you speak, or where you’re from, a freckle by any name is still just as fun. Just keep your angel-kissed face smiling, and remember to always Rock it like a Redhead!

Photos by: Maja Topčagić

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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