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4 Ways To Add Shine To Your Red Hair

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The winter months can really damage your hair, leaving it looking dull and unhealthy. Use these simple tricks to keep it looking shiny and beautifully red:

1. KEEP THE MOISTURE IN: Using a humidifier isn’t only good to lock moisture into your hair, but it will help keep your skin dewy as well!  If that’s not enough to get the shiny bounce you’re looking for, try out the John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine.  It’s the same glaze base used to keep colored hair healthy and shiny, but it’s clear so it works great to keep the light bouncing off your copper strands.

2. DIET DOES MATTER: Foods that are good for your skin are good for your hair too and give it a natural shine…and they’re good for you too!  Think salmon, dark greens, beans, nuts and eggs—they all have essential oils and healthy fats that will boost the immunity of your locks (and get you swimsuit ready by summertime)!

3. PLAY NICE WITH STYLING TOOLS: Stick to boar-bristle brushes and ionic blow dryers while styling your hair.  Boar-bristle brushes are much less damaging than their plastic counterparts, and ionic blow dryers are scientifically designed to protect your hair from harsh heat.  For an added protection factor, use a heat protection spray—it’s like sunscreen for each strand of your precious ginger mane.

4. KEEP IT CLEAN: Hard water from your shower and even every day life can lead to damaging mineral build up on your hair, especially near the roots.  It can weight your hair down and make the color look dull and brassy (especially for us redheads!).  To battle the build up, cleanse your hair with a mixture of ¼ cup apple cider vinegar and ¾ cup water and apply every other week for an at-home treatment that will inspire salon envy.

Rock it like a Redhead!