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4 Colors Redheads Should Add To Their Wardrobe in 2015

If you’re a redhead who rocks dark colors because you think your hair should be the only standout piece, you’re not alone. Many women with red hair feel this way and that’s why we spoke with Karin Elgai. She’s a stylist for and her clients include Heather Graham, the Cast of Orange Is The New Black and her editorials have appeared in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and more.

“I miss being a faux-ginge so much. I know being redhead isn’t one tone, but a full spectrum of fabulous, from rose to cabernet. It’s easy to fall into a full closet of black, especially in the winter. I’m guilty of it myself. But it’s not inevitable,” says Elgai.

She strongly encourages redheads to choose bright colors, whether you’re sporting a bolder, deeper shade of red hair or if you’re a lighter haired queen. Here are her 4 favorite colors for redheads in 2015:

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1. Blue: “It looks amazing on redheads! After black and white, my favorite color combination is fire and water.”

2. Green: “Another great, great color for redheads is green, which you can add to your wardrobe as a blazer or top.”

3. Red: “A lot of people think a red wardrobe would clash with red hair, but I have to disagree. Just look how gorgeous Jessica Chastain looked in red at 2014 premiere of ‘A Most Violent Year’. Red looks phenomenally good on redheads.”

4. Yellow: “The wild card color is yellow. On some it looks unbelievably good and others it washes out. If you’re not sure yellow is for you, try it in accessory form (scarf or necklace) before committing to a dress or top.”

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No matter what color you choose, Elgai encourages all women to wear fashion choices with confidence.

Rock it like a Redhead!