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4 Beauty Tips to Nurture Your Skin From Within

Redheads get sunburned very easily- especially during the summer months! Skin shows stress, allergies, lack of sleep, and even our digestive and metabolic issues as it is one of the organs where the body eliminates waste. It needs to be cared for – nutritionally from the inside out.

But how? The idea is to rebalance the types of fats and to switch to healthier sources of each.

1. Switch Out Your Fats and Oils: For cooking, switch to unrefined coconut oilThis is a natural vegetarian-based saturated fat that doesn’t cause the same cardiovascular problems as animal source saturated fats. It also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and is great for the skin – nutritionally as well as topically.

Also, buy high-quality extra virgin olive oil and use it to make your own salad dressing vinaigrette by adding lemon and herbs. Olive oil isn’t recommended for cooking because it oxidizes easily.

2. Increase consumption of the following: Nuts and seeds such as pumpkin, walnut, sunflower and almonds will add more essential fatty acids like omega 3s and 6s to the diet.

Nuts like almonds and cashews are a good plant-based source of zinc which is important for optimal skin health. These foods add much-needed fiber to the diet, which assists with the proper elimination of toxins and waste. 

3. Eat Plenty of Fruit, Vegetables, and Whole Grains: The skin loves phytonutrients such as ACES (Vitamins A, C and E), beta carotene, chromium, selenium, and zinc.

4. Decrease consumption of the following: Avoid trans-, hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated fats or oils: The body doesn’t know how to metabolize these fats and it can show up on the skin.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko, © How to be a Redhead