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3 Ways To Use Flaxseeds For Shinier, Longer, Stronger, Frizz-Free Red Hair

How a Simple Seed Could Change Your Hair

Updated: May 25th, 2023

If you want shiny, healthy red hair that absolutely glows, you’ve got to incorporate flaxseed in your beauty routine!* Flaxseed is chalked full of omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and vitamin E. These key ingredients help your hair stay healthy and grow longer and stronger. Flaxseed can be used in numerous ways to promote healthier hair. 

1. Add flaxseed to your diet

The best way to get the most nutritional value and healthy hair benefits from flaxseed is to incorporate it into your diet. You can add ground-up flaxseed to your food, or use flaxseed oil in cooking. You can also take flaxseed supplements with your daily vitamins. 

2. Flaxseed oil mask 

A great way to get shinier hair is to do a flaxseed oil hair mask. Simply take your flaxseed oil and apply it all over your head, massaging directly into the hair. Leave for up to 15 minutes and then wash out fully with shampoo before applying conditioner

3. Use DIY Flaxseed Gel

You can make your own flaxseed gel. You will need:

Bring ¼ cup whole flaxseeds and 2 ½ cups of water to a boil on medium heat for 7-10 mins. Stir often to ensure it doesn’t stick. Once it reaches a fluid gel-like texture, similar to egg whites, turn the heat off and let it sit for 45 mins – 1 hour. The substance will thicken to a thicker gel texture. Use cheesecloth or a nylon stocking to strain the gel. 

The gel can be used to tame hair and also give it a nourishing boost. Flaxseed gel can be left in the hair until your next wash.

If you are looking for a redhead-approved shine shampoo to add to your routine, look no further:

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*Always consult with your doctor before changing or altering your diet in any way.

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