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2022 Beijing Winter Olympics: Redhead Athletes To Watch

Redheads Take Beijing!

The 2022 Winter Olympics are in full swing and we’ve already seen some redheads compete. Here are 5 redhead Olympic athletes you should be watching for!

Shaun White – USA

An obvious one for this list is redhead snowboarder Shaun White. Maybe one of the most famous US winter Olympians of our time, this redhead competed in his 5th and final Olympics this year. After his final event, he thanked snowboarding for being “the love of his life” in a very emotional Instagram post. 

Jesse Compher – USA

This 22-year-old strawberry blonde is competing in her first Olympics this year as part of the US Women’s Ice Hockey Team. Compher comes from a family of redheads who are sure to be cheering her on!

Jonny Gustafson – USA

Another first-time competitor is redhead athlete Jonny Gustafson who competed in the Luge for Team USA. Gustafson has been doing luge since he was a kid. 

Dave Warsofsky – USA

This ice hockey player is yet another redhead who is competing for the first time in 2022 as part of the Men’s USA Hockey Team. 

Elsa Desmond – Ireland

Redhead athlete Elsa Desmond is actually the first women’s luge Olympian from Ireland. Fun fact, being an Olympian isn’t her day job, she’s actually a doctor!

Rock it like a Redhead!