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13 Signs You Know How to Rep The Ginge’

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1. You wear your red hair loud & proud.

You let it flop in the wind and allow your inner redhead celebrity to shine through.

2. You must include your ‘redhead status’ in every social media profile.

#ProudRedhead #ProudGinger #MermaidForLife


3. Every t-shirt you wear has to tell the world you’re a redhead.

And, in this case, redhead royalty.

4. Your license plate proudly displays your favorite attribute.

redhead_rep-being-a-ginger-how-to-be-a-redhead8 Photo Credit

5. You spend so much time perfecting your hair.

It’s your everything.


6. Your homepage is

You can’t imagine missing out on a bit of tips or advice.


7. You prefer if your furry friends also have red hair.

After all, redheads must stick together.


8. You must wear ‘redhead friendly’ colors to enhance your hair and skin.

Emerald green, plums and blues are your best friend.


9. You live for ‘Redhead Season’ a.k.a. autumn.

The colors of the leaves closely resemble shades of red hair. What is better than that?!


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10. Your favorite celebrities are all redheads.

You simply adore Julianne Moore, Jessica Chastain, CONAN, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher and Emma Stone (to name a few!)


11. You have a pack of redhead bobby pins and hair ties in your purse at all times!

First and foremost, your hair always needs to look gorgeous. Second, when you were growing up, you were forced to use pins for blondes and brunettes. You’re rejoicing!  Times have a’ changed.

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12. You make extra hair appointments because you love the compliments.

“Wow, your hair is stunning! People pay hundreds of dollars to get that color.”


13. You know your red hair is your superpower.



Rock it like a Redhead!