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11 ‘Redhead Friendly’ Essentials You’ll Want to Use All Summer Long

Hats, sunscreen and sunnies are a redhead's BFF!

Preparation is key when it comes to staying safe in the sun as a redhead. Hats, sunscreen and sunnies are always going to be your best friends when that summer heat kicks in. Keeping your skin moisturized and protected will make a world of difference. Take pride in taking care of yourself and give your skin the boost it needs to look and feel better.

Here are 11 ‘redhead friendly’ essentials you’ll want to use all summer long.

1. Vibrating Eye Massager

Think of an eye massager as a healthier alternative to coffee to kickstart your energy in the mornings. Setting aside 10 minutes in the morning for an eye massage makes it easier to leave your comfy bed. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and puffy eyes.

2. Water Bottle

Remember, hydration starts on the inside. If you get plenty of fluids, your skin will thank you. In the summer, you sweat more so you need to drink more too. This inspirational water bottle is a great way to always have water on the go. You can fill it up at a fountain or when you’re at a café. And to top it off, you get the added feel-good factor of knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment. It’s a win-win situation all around.

3. Hydrating Day Cream 

Are you on the lookout for a decent day moisturizer that can work as a base for your sunscreen? Avène Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream will leave your skin moisturized but not greasy. This should be the second to last step in your skincare routine –– right before your sunscreen.  

4. Night Moisturizer

Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream & Face Moisturizer is a fantastic night cream that’ll leave you waking up with oh-so-soft skin.


5. Vitamin C Cleanser 

Body Shop’s  Vitamin C Daily Glow Cleansing Polish is top-notch for getting dirt out of those yucky pores. It’s a light exfoliator and face cleanser in one that’s gentle and great for those with sensitive skin.

6. Micellar Water 

Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water for Sensitive Skin is a great pick-me-up during the day when your face needs a freshen-up. It can be used for so many things so it’s an all-rounder. It works as a cleanser, a make-up remover and a toner. If you’re in a rush, you can pour a little on a cotton pad and cleanse your face quickly and thoroughly without even needing to go to the sink. It’s very handy to have in the handbag for when you finish working out, no one wants sweat sitting in their pores.

7. Sunscreen

VERTRA’s Ghost Face Stick SPF 50, featured in the May H2BAR Box, is a great non-greasy, face sunscreen that provides SPF 50+ protection with 80-minutes of usage upon application. Note: it leaves a visible “white translucent” barrier on the skin, so make sure you blend, blend, blend! 



8. UPF Clothing 

Look stylish while protecting your skin with Coolibar’s UPF 50+ Women’s Oceanside Tunic Dress. This dress is made with UPF 50+ material meaning it blocks 98% of UV radiation. 


9. Hat 

Similar to sunscreen, a hat should be your best friend. Kyi Kyi Ribbon Trim Sun Hat is perfect for the summer months ahead.



10. Color Depositing Shampoo

Looking to ‘up’ your red hair without having to turn to dye or a trip to the salon? Try a color depositing shampoo from Tressa. It’s easy to use and you’ll see results within minutes.


11. Sunglasses 

These bold frames from Quay PSA 45mm Square Sunglasses will give you a timeless retro-inspired silhouette mixed with a cool minimalist look.



Rock it like a Redhead! 

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