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11 Reasons You Should Support the Rock it like a Redhead Event Tour

1. Your face & stunning hair could be showcased on our redhead mural

At each event, we want to showcase our beautiful followers on a wall-size mural upon entering the red carpet. It’s a way of showing all attendees how to be (and rock it like!) a redhead. Pledge #9. Find it here!

SKETCH: Your face can be part of the life size mural at a Rock it like a Redhead event!
SKETCH: Your face can be part of the life size mural at a Rock it like a Redhead event!

2. Our custom redhead bobby pins are available for only $3.

They retail between $7.97-$8.97, but we want to spoil our backers. This includes free shipping in the USA. Pledge #2. Find it here!


3. How to be a Redhead wants to follow YOU on Instagram & Twitter.

We can’t wait to see what you’re up to on a daily basis! Pledge #3. Find it here!


4. The biggest hit in our store this summer was the ‘Redhead Royalty’ tank top in ‘Green’ and ‘Royal’. They are now $18!

We loved seeing #selfies from our beautiful followers this summer, and can’t wait to see yours. Pledge #5. Find it here!


5. We have designed a Limited Edition t-shirt for the tour! Within the How to be a Redhead logo are empowering words which define a redhead’s personality.

Royal. Unique. Confident. Empowered. Which word describes you?! Pledge #6. Find it here!


6. Every redhead has an interesting story. We want to tell our 120,000+ social media audience about you.

Our most popular request is: “How can I be featured?” We always try to feature our audience, but with so many followers it’s difficult to reach all of you. But, we’ve set up this pledge so you’re guaranteed a red hot #shoutout on social media. Pledge #7. Find it here!


7. Bring a Friend! Who loves a ‘girls night’?! We do. That’s why we created this pledge, so you can bring a friend and Rock it like a Redhead in Austin, Chicago, Seattle, New York City or Nashville.

..Now the only question left is, what will you wear?? Pledge #11. Find it here!


8. Want VIP treatment? You got it. We will be giving our VIP’s exclusive makeup treatments, skin consultations, and more from our wonderful sponsors.

Wondering how to do a smokey eye? Or what foundation is best for you? You’ll discover it all at the event. Pledge #’s 12-15. Find it here!


9. The evening before each live event, we will be hosting a pre-party media event. You’re invited to attend & have a blast with us.

Two nights of redhead fun! Who can resist? Pledge #13-15. Find it here!

Attendee at the 2013 Rock it like a Redhead Event
Attendee at the 2013 Rock it like a Redhead Event

10. We are also making it simple for all of you to purchase individual tickets to an event in your city.

Prices will go up, so get it while it lasts. Pledge #8. Find it here!



11.  We just released our ‘Redhead Royalty’ Lightweight Sweatshirts & you can get one for $20 ($13 discount!!) accompanied with an event ticket!

Rock this on the red carpet, with a great pair of leggings and your favorite heels. Pledge #10. Find it here!


… Last but not least, it’s an amazing opportunity to show the world how YOU Rock it like a Redhead!