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10 Things Redheads Think When Passing Other Redheads

By: Rosemary O. Fernandez

It’s almost like we belong to an elite club — but we have to pass each other’s (silent) test first. 

1. Ooo yay! Another redhead. I’m not the only one in this crowd.

2. But I sort of like being the only one…

3. Is that even red hair? Maybe it’s a really light brown and the light is making it look red.

Photo via Harpers Bazaar via Fall 2014 Fashion Week
Photo via Harpers Bazaar via Fall 2014 Fashion Week

4. Nope. Red.

5. Bet it’s dyed though. Yeah, it’s totally a bottle shade.

6. Well maybe not. It looks pretty natural, actually. If it is dyed it’s really good and I should find out who her colorist is for when I start to go grey.

7. Her bangs look really good, should I get bangs?

8. Should I go say hi? We reds are usually pretty friendly.

Photo via Stylecaster
Photo via Stylecaster

9. Yes, she’s coming over here.

10. Hello, new friend!

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Watch Karen Elson below talk about why she thinks redheads are “nice people”:

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