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10 Things I Learned From Having Red Hair

Growing up, I absolutely hated my red hair. I disliked standing out and every single thing that came with having red hair –– sunburns, struggle to find the right products, all the attention etc. I even tried to dye it at one point. It wasn’t until I damaged my hair and wished that I could have my natural red hair back that I realized all the great things that came along with being a redhead.

1. Everywhere you go somebody somewhere is going to tell you how great your hair is.

Which is nice because you could be having a bad day and that one little compliment could remind you that you are beautiful and strong.

2. Sunscreen is your best friend. Never ever leave without her or you’ll regret it.

Seriously, don’t leave without sunscreen. Your skin is so important and while sometimes a sunburn heals just fine, there are other times where it could cause irreversible skin damage and that’s no fun.

3. Your Disney princess idol is a mermaid, which makes you a mermaid too.

Mermaids are unique, special, and different, enough said.

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4. No matter how much you try and hide the fact you have red hair, you will always end up coming around to loving it.

Maybe it was just me, but when I dyed my hair, I ended up missing my red. It is my identity.

5. The people that make fun of you are just jealous.

Remember all those people that made fun of you when you were younger for having red hair? They now have red hair and wish that it could be natural like yours.

6. You never have to remember that one thing to make you stand out at an interview. Your red hair will do that for you.

I remember when I was job searching and a lot of people told me, “Do something that’ll make you stand out in an interview, something people will remember you by.” I never had to worry about this because us redheads are rare. We just have to show up and rock the interview.

7. You will always be a part of a club

One of my favorite things about being a redhead is the secret club that all redheads are a part of. I love running into other redheads and getting that nod or wave acknowledging that they know about the club and that you both get to rock the red.

8. There are so many colors that look great on a redhead.

Green, blue, purple, orange. The list goes on and on.

9. Don’t hide your freckles. They are little constellations on your skin.

While I personally don’t have many freckles on my face, I get so excited for tank top weather because I get to show off my shoulder freckles and how unique they are.

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10. No matter what people say about your hair, know that it’s what makes you unique.

Rock your red girl, always.

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