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10 myths about redheads and red hair

Finally putting these myths to rest.

By: Kali Hanson

Over the centuries, we redheads have had some pretty nasty rumors spread about them. I think that it’s time that we dispel some of them, so here are 10 myths about redheads.

1. All redheads are Irish

Even though I myself am partly Irish, I know many redheads who aren’t. A redhead can have any kind of background, which is one of the great things about having red hair.

2. Redheads are witches

Yep, you read that right: it was a pretty popular belief back in the day that redheads were witches. There was even a witch-hunting manual published in the Middle Ages that stated redheads are witches, vampires, and werewolves. Whoever first came up with this idea was probably jealous of redheads, so let’s not take it too personally. Who wouldn’t be jealous of our beautiful tresses?

3. We bruise more easily

Several studies have been conducted to determine if this is true or not, and it seems like bruises are just easier to see on a redhead because we typically have paler skin than most people.

4. Redheads are mutants

Ok, so technically this is true. The MC1R gene mutates in order to bring about red hair, but we don’t have superpowers, although having the rarest hair color in the world is quite the ability!

5. Conceived during menstruation

Umm, ew.

6. We are more active in the bedroom 

Some years back, the University of Hamburg conducted a study about German women’s sex lives, and found that redheads are more “active” than participants of other hair colors. The head researcher revealed that women tended to dye their hair to show that they are looking to spice things up a little in their love life. Maybe it just secretly has something to do with wanting to join the redhead club..?

7. We’re all crazy

A Russian tradition states that red hair is not only a sign of a quick temper but also of being insane. There Russians even dedicated a proverb to us: “There was never a saint with red hair.” Maybe they just haven’t spent much time with us; we’re pretty nice people…unless you cross us.

8. Redheads can’t wear orange

Whoever came up with this idea was most definitely jealous of how our beautiful locks look against the color of the sunset.

9. Redheads are going extinct

In 2007, National Geographic predicted that redheads would be extinct by 2060. Considering that red hair is a recessive gene, and can stay dormant for generations before a redhead shows up in the family, there’s no way this is true.

10. Red hair is ugly

There is absolutely nothing ugly about having red hair, or any other hair color. Red hair is beautifully unique and comes in all different shades from strawberry blonde to dark auburn. Instead of teaching redheads, both young and old that their hair is ugly, why don’t we instead appreciate them for embracing their individuality and uniqueness.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo via Tumblr