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10 Best Unicorn Gifts for Redheads

Gifts for any holiday.. or just because!

“Redheads are like the unicorns of women, except they really do exist.”

Today and every day, we celebrate being majestic unicorns.

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Here are 10 unicorn-inspired gifts you can give to a redhead in your life: 

1. For the necklace wearer: Dogeared – Life is Magical Unicorn Reminder Necklace Necklace

2. For the at-home spa indulger: ASOS Unicorn Robe

3. For the #ManiMonday obsessed: NAILS INC. Unicorn Nail Polish Duo


4. For the baseball cap lover:  Unicorn Baseball Cap

5. For the maskin’ guru: Unicorn Face Mask

6. For the proud redhead: Part Unicorn, Part Mermaid Shirt


7. For the tea drinker: Unicorn Tea Mug

8. For the ‘just wanna have fun’ redhead: FUNBOY The Rainbow Unicorn Inflatable Pool Float


9. For the relaxing redhead: Unicorn Bath Bomb

10. For the wine drinker: Unicorn Stemless Wine Glasses


11. Bonus: Still can’t decide on a gift? Choose the H2BAR Box.

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Rock it like a Redhead!