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    Meet Lexie

    Lexie was in complete isolation throughout her youth. There is no history of redheads on either side of her parents genealogy, so when she was born with a little red curl on the top of her head, her mom and dad thought the nurses mixed her up with another child. Growing up, her school was small and she was the only redhead there, as well. It was very difficult for her to fit in and Lexie was afraid to be herself because of how much she stood out. She was teased and it made life very difficult. When she progressed to Junior High, the kids became more relentless and it made going to school so unbearable her parents almost transferred her to a private school and considered home schooling. But, being the strong redhead she is, Lexie decided she wasn’t going to let other opinions change her. She focused on school, soccer, and her little brother (pictured here) who is the only one that made her feel like she belonged.

    One day, out of the blue, a fashion designer happened to notice Lexie at a restaurant and asked if she would model for them. It actually took her doing a few photo shoots to realize being a redhead is something to be extremely proud of. “It is so rare and so unique it made me feel like I was a part of something beautiful that only 1-2% of people get to experience,” said Lexie. “I now love my hair and have donated to Locks of Love three different times. I wanted to give others the chance to have the color of hair I am so grateful to have been given.”

    She wants all redheads to know there is nothing wrong with being unique. “It is funny that the very thing I hated the most about myself has become the very thing that defines me,” Lexie concludes. “It has become my favorite feature of who I am; feisty, fierce, determined, bold, pale and red.”