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    Meet Kate

    Kate is from the tiny island of Kauai, Hawaii. She is only aware of two other women with red hair on the entire island. She has always felt like a minority and because of this, her red hair was a nightmare during adolescence. She was different and therefore an outcasted “ginger”. She felt like no one understood her or her red hair; especially since her mane is frizzy and out of control! She longed for soft, long, blonde hair.

    “Instead, I was given flame colored ,wanna-be-curly, horse hair. I tried straightening. Nope. Tried thinning. Ew. Dying it? Never gonna happen,” said Kate. “Then one day, I just decided to EMBRACE my psycho frizz bomb. I can’t change, so why waste my life away always wanting to be different? Yeah, it might be cliche. But it’s true. Red hair or not. Love what you’re given and don’t waste your time on the opinions of fickle humans. Don’t compare yourself to what you have or don’t have. Comparison is the thief of joy.”

    Applying these concepts to her life has changed her for the best. She has stopped caring what people think and not only loves her hair but focuses on the good.

    Kate said, “Yeah, I might stink at sports but, hey, I’m a pretty dang good artist and also finally reached a huge goal of mine; I wrote and recorded my first EP album ‘Daze’ almost 9 months ago! So to all the redheads (or anyone for that matter) embrace all the beautiful, weird, amazing, corky parts of yourself because that’s what makes you, you.”