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    Meet Kassondra

    Kassondra loves being a redhead for many reasons. She believes natural red hair is unique and beautiful, and being rare makes it that much more special. When she was growing up, she felt a constant pressure to “fit in” to the norm, to be just like everyone else.

    “Kids are often taught such a limited perspective of what is right and wrong, beautiful or ugly, valuable or worthless,” she says. “It seemed like the price of social acceptance was conforming to some silly stereotype of what was ‘cool’ or popular.”

    To her, beauty is in unique self-expression; red hair is like a physical expression of rebellion from the norm. She’s proud of being her quirky self, and loves how beautifully her red hair reflects that.

    She feels like there is a certain intense energy that redheads have. She has always felt an underlying connection with other redheads, an unspoken kinship all crimson-haired people seem to share. “We’re unicorns! Rare, beautiful, and maybe even a little unearthly,” she concludes.