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How Redheads Can Re-Create Twiggy’s Makeup Look

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As redheads, we usually stay classy with minimal makeup. Maybe a dash of liquid eyeliner, mascara, lipstick & bronzer; along with trendy clothing and healthy red locks. But sometimes, when redheads push the button, they look more fabulous than ever. Can you imagine such a wonderful thing?

H2BAR has suddenly been inspired by Twiggy‘s mid 60’s exaggerated, painted-on makeup. The other day, we were applying black mascara on the top and bottom lid, when we remembered the debate in the makeup world, on whether you should wear mascara on the top lid only or if you should apply at the bottom too.

When we visited makeup counters in the past, they never knew how to apply makeup on a redhead without guidance. They always insisted we never paint the bottom lid with mascara. Why?

Redheads look exceptional when they push the makeup button!

Here are our tips to how to get the fabulous Twiggy look. This season, with 1970 styles all the rage, rock this look the redheaded way:

PREP YOUR SKIN: Wash your skin with a gentle, fragrance-free soap and apply lotion. Next, use concealer around the eye and on areas with dark spots.

APPLY POWDER: Use a loose powder around the face. We also like to apply around the eye, so when you apply eyeshadow and it falls on top of your cheekbones, it can be easily swept away.

EYESHADOW: Choose a dark grey shadow (Clinique’s Dark Denim is perfect) and apply from the top of the eyelashes up to the crease of eyelid. Next, apply a white shimmer shadow in the corner of each eye.

EYELINER: Using a liquid eyeliner, apply heavy on the top lid and lighter on the bottom of the eye.

LASHES: Twiggy always used fake eyelashes, but if you prefer not to, choose a mascara with a thick brush. The thicker the brush, the more plump your eyelashes will be.

LOWER LASHES: Apply your mascara to the bottom lashes and for that extra exaggeration, with a liquid eyeliner, paint lashes on the corners of your eyes.

LIPS: Use a pale lipstick for that retro look..

..and boom, you’re fabulous and a redhead!

Our advice on the mascara debate: Do what looks right on you & Rock it like a Redhead!