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Why Charlotte Tilbury Products Are Worth the Hype For Redheads

Did You Know Your Favorite Makeup Brand was Started by a Redhead?

Charlotte Tilbury is a staple in most redhead beauty bags, and that’s because almost every product from the brand has a shade that suits red hair. This usually is not the case for most beauty brands, so have you ever wondered why Charlotte Tilbury has redheads swooning over their products?

Well, it may come as no surprise to you that Charlotte herself is in fact a redhead. Like most redheads, Charlotte has naturally light blonde lashes. At age 13 she tried mascara for the first time and instantly felt more beautiful and more confident. This made her fall in love with makeup and ultimately launched her career as a makeup artist and founder of the world-renowned brand that shares her name. 

Charlotte’s motto is makeup is empowering which is why her products bring out the beauty that each of us holds in our own faces. Makeup is meant to enhance and define which is why it’s no surprise that most of the Charlotte Tilbury products are designed in neutral tones. Charlotte Tilbury creates makeup for all skin tones, all eye colors, and all hair colors, and redheads are never left without an option. 

Favorite ‘Redhead-Friendly’ Approved Charlotte Tilbury Products:

Contour: Hollywood Contour Wand


Highlighter: Beauty Light Wand Highlighter


Eyeshadow: Smokey Eyes Are Forever Palette


Lip Liner: Lip Cheat Pillow Talk 


Lipstick: Pillow Talk Lipstick


Rock it like a Redhead!