There are many factors that can cause erectile difficulties. These are, but not limited to, as following:

Physical Disorders and Prescription Medications.

Diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, hypertension, prostate cancer, depression, drugs for high blood pressure, drugs for hypertension, medications for depression account for 70% cases of Erectile Dysfunction in men.

If your ED is caused by these physical factors, it is called the physical Erectile Dysfunction. This form of impotence is more common among older males and its incidence grows with aging. However, getting older does not mean you will be affected by sexual disorders. Only 5-10% of 40 year old males suffer from some degree of Erectile Dysfunction.

What can I do? In case ED is caused by disease or drug use, drug treatment can be extremely helpful. In United States Viagra could solve the problem visit Additionally, you should seek medical help to address the root of your problem. If you have diabetes, there is a 50% change of developing erectile disorders too.

Lifestyle factors. For example, eating too much and unhealthy foods (obesity), little exercise, little sleep, smoking, taking alcohol and drugs are also of great concern.

What can I do? Improve your lifestyle. Abandon smoking, alcohol and foods that are too fatty which will help you gain in health and sexual satisfaction.

The pharmacological in USA support of Viagra could solve ED problem that affects sexual performance. In this case prior medical consultation is needed.

Psychological Factors like financial concerns, periods of mourning, concern for children, loss of job, coming from a sexually repressive family, problematic situations in the family (the turbulent relationship between parents, divorce and separation), feelings of being unattractive can also be the cause of Erectile Dysfunction. In this case, ED is strictly psychological.

Young men suffer from psychological ED more often.

What can I do? Pursue psychological therapy and receive an additional support necessary to get through the vicious cycle by taking anti Erectile Dysfunction drugs such as Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil), Cialis (tadalafil).

Relationship Factors like conflicts, emotional distance, dissatisfaction with a partner, fear of being abandoned or rejected can also attribute to the problem.

What can I do? The goal for a couple which is struggling with ED is to establish a level of intimacy that puts both at ease and stimulates sexual desire. The support of Viagra is shown to provide an integrated approach in the fight against ED.