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Tips for The Perfect Red Pout

By: Olivia Shea

Many redheads think they can’t wear red lipstick. Many experts agree.

My expert (ish) opinion? Puhhlease, of course we can! Not only can redheads wear red lipstick, but there are multiple shades to choose from. Here are some tips on how to choose your perfect pout depending on the undertone of your complexion and shade of red your hair is.


1. Generally speaking, for alabaster beauties the brighter the better.

2. Deeper complexions should go for slightly darker, richer shades.

3. Yellow undertones looks best in poppy, coral, or brown based hues.

4. For cool or pink skin, choose red shades with a blue or plum undertone.

5. If you’re skin is neutral, a cherry red will be most flattering.

BASED ON HAIR SHADE:  If you’re unsure about what to categorize your complexion, you can pick your lipstick based off your hair color.

1. Brighter hues look best in blue undertones.

2. Goldeny reds and auburns should stick with warmer tones.

3. Whatever you do, don’t match the shade of lipstick to your hair color or you’ll look super washed out.


1. To avoid looking like a she-man, keep the rest of your makeup minimal when rocking red lips. Champagne or beige eye shadow, brown mascara – which is less harsh on redheads than black, and a slight swipe of blush will make your entire face glow.

2. When sporting a red pout, keep your outfit colors simple. No need for a red polka dot dress and red purse.

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Let your lips do the talking and be the focal point. Rock it like a Redhead!