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Have You Seen Sophie Turner’s Near-Identical Game of Thrones Stand-In?

They often say redheads look alike, but this is different..

Actress Sophie Turner is known for her role as Sansa Stark on the hit HBO fantasy show Game of Thrones. As actors and actresses often do in movies and television, Turner had a double on set. Most stunt doubles resemble the person they are portraying in build and general features but usually, the resemblance stops there. 

For Turner, her double is just that, an exact double. With long red hair and an almost identical face, the two got mixed up often. At one point Sophie’s husband Joe Jonas even mistook the double, Laura Jane Butler, for his own wife. 

Since so many on social media can’t believe the resemblance, Butler has commented about a few stories while filming Game of Thrones. “My first day on set was Sophie’s first day back too, and a lot of people were like I haven’t seen you in a long time and the breakfast tent that we used was the same as the cast and production tent,” Burler said. “Someone came over and said, ‘congratulations on your engagement’ and I was like, ‘sorry?’. They didn’t realize.”

Butler continues, “A lot of the people working behind the scenes did a double-take at me and joked that I even walk like her…There was another time when I was on set and Maisie Williams came on and looked at me and then looked at Sophie and was shocked at how similar and alike we were.”

When you have red hair, people often think you look just like everyone else with red hair. But Sophie Turner’s double goes beyond the normal stereotype. The two women share similar facial structures in their jaw, lips, and noses making them look almost like twins. 

Do you have a redhead doppelganger? Tell us about it in the comments!

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