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Redhead Fashion: How to Wear the Color Orange like Bella Thorne

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Many redheads stray away from bright colors, like orange, but there are ways to incorporate the color in your wardrobe and rock it with your red hair- just like Bella Thorne. Here are easy fashion tips for your red life:

Deep Orange: The best color for red hair is a deep, tomato orange. Search for jeans, tops or dresses that make your red hair pop.

Tops: Search for flattering orange shirts and dressy tops and match it with a plain jean or bottom. Tip: Make sure not to over-do the orange because it will clash with your red hair. Less is always more.

Nude: The color nude is a classy pairing with orange because it offsets the brightness and completes the look. Next time you’re shopping, look for nude shoes and tops to pair with your orange fashion items.

Go Bold: A redhead’s personality is bold, so why not express that in clothing? If you choose to go with an orange dress, gold jewelry is always a good choice.

Accessorize: If you want to add orange into your wardrobe, it is a great idea to accessorize with orange. There are so many different tones of orange and the most flattering choice for a redhead are the deep, burnt oranges.

Keep confident and Rock it like a Redhead!