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Amy, Jessica, Julianne & Emma: Get The Golden Globes Looks

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Redheads, the award season is here!

This year is better than ever because most of our favorite Hollywood ladies were nominated for a Golden Globe, so all eyes were on the copper-haired beauties. We consulted with New York City editorial hair stylist, Kiera Doyle, about the different looks and how to easily get them at home.

1. EMMA STONE: “Emma is rocking the short beach wave. It’s super easy to do, ” says Doyle.

How to re-create the look: 

1. Wash and blow dry hair with finger or paddle brush.

2. Prep dry hair with flexible hold spray.

3. Use a 2-inch barrel curling iron. Wrap hair in two inch sections from the base of hair spiraling down around the curling iron. Do not use the clamp! Hold for 2-5 seconds. Release. Continue to move around the entire head until most sections are curled.

4. Optional: Leaving some strands out will give a more disheveled look.

5. When finished, run fingers through hair to break up waves. Spray with hair spray or add some sea salt spray if you really want to shake things up!


 2. AMY ADAMS:  “Amy was blue chic with a sleek round brush blowout. You can get the look in 4 simple steps.” said Doyle.

How to re-create the look: 

1. Start with a round brush blowout. WATCH here to get step-by-step instructions.

2. Using a wide tooth comb, create a deep side part with some grooming creme or heavy hair spray to slick the smaller side back.

3. Tip: If more curls are desired, use a wide barrel curling iron to curl the ends.

4. Spritz with a shine of finished spray.


3. JULIANNE MOORE: “Julianne has a similar look to Amy Adams, but it’s more set.”

How to re-create the look: 

1. Using an inch curling iron, take small sections of the hair and curl hair. For each section, hold curling iron to hair for about 30-45 seconds.

2. To get perfect loose waves, take a comb and gently comb curls. This will loosen up the curl, but give it great texture.

3. Hold hair spray 6-8 inches from head and spray evenly throughout hair to hold style in place.


4. JESSICA CHASTAIN: “Follow the steps Amy Adams’ look above. To get looser curls, run your fingers through your hair to shake up the hair. Your best friend for this type of look is clean hair & a great curling iron.”


Rock it like a Redhead!