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AnnaJo Terrill

How RED Will the Oscars Red Carpet Be This Year?

We might see some possibilities:

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By: Annajo Terrill

The nominees are out, and at first glance, you might think there might not be one redhead at the Oscars. Last year, we were spoiled with appearances (and winnings) from Julianne Moore, Emma Stone and Amy Adams.

I was surprised to learn that most of the actors nominated for an Academy Award this year have been known to don red manes at some point in their careers, but they have opted recently to make their red carpet appearances as brunettes or blondes.

So the question is, are any of them likely to go red on the red carpet this year?  To use my favorite oxymoron, it’s a definite possibility.

Here’s my list of occasionally-redheaded nominees who could potentially rock it like a redhead at the Oscars this year:

10. Cate Blanchett

Coming in at number ten is Cate Blanchett.  She had gorgeous red hair in the remake of Cinderella last year, but I doubt we see this look duplicated on the red carpet.  It’s almost certain Blanchett will stick to the usual blonde, making her last on our list of “likely-to-go-red” nominees.


9.  Brie Larson

Although Brie Larson had a reddish do for the 21 Jump Street premiere, it was more golden blonde for the Golden Globes this year.  And, since a blonde Larson took home the Globe for Best Actress, she probably won’t risk jinxing the Oscar by dying her hair red.  If I were her, I’d be wearing the same dress, same lipstick, same underwear–whatever it took.


8.  Jennifer Lawrence

Number eight on the list, Jennifer Lawrence, has rocked red hair at various times throughout her career.  In fact, in 2013, red was her go-to red carpet hair color.  But, recently J-Law has been all blonde, which makes me doubt that we will see her sport one of her beautiful red updos this year.


7.  Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet makes such a gorgeous redhead, and has been one sporadically throughout her acting career–most famously, of course, alongside fellow Oscar-nominee Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.  Winslet won the Golden Globe for her performance in Steve Jobs and is a favorite for the Oscar, but it is likely she will be accepting the award as a blonde, because we haven’t seen her with red hair on the red carpet since 2007.


6.  Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams is an actress who has worn her hair red basically as much as she’s worn any other color.  Probably her most famous red look was in the 2013 About Time film. Those red locks have been MIA for the past couple of years, but it’s not out of the question to think that McAdams could surprise us on the Oscar’s red carpet this year.


5.  Rooney Mara

The next Oscar nominee on our list is Rooney Mara, and I know what you’re thinking–the girl’s hair is black. But, let’s not forget the movie Side Effects, where Mara’s hair was dyed a red ombre style.  And, she has been known to rock dark auburn locks on the red carpet occasionally–at the Side Effects premiere in Berlin, for example, or at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014.  Honestly, Mara’s hair at the Golden Globe’s could have been called (border-line) auburn.  It’s definitely within the realm of possibilities, people.


4.  Jennifer Jason Leigh

In one of my favorite movies from the early 90’s, Single White Female, Jennifer Jason Leigh rocked that infamous red pixie cut that made her look creepily identical to her roommate, the object of her obsession.  But, since then, Leigh has been mostly blonde or brunette.  However, at the Golden Globes a few weeks ago, her hair had somewhat of a Strawberry tint.  And, who knows?  She could surprise us all by “Single-White-Femaling” Julianne Moore this year at the Oscars.  If it happens, remember you heard it here first.


3.  Charlotte Rampling

I know Best Actress nominee Charlottle Rampling’s hair has traditionally been called golden brown, but I think it has reddened a little with age.  If she shows up on the red carpet with the same hair color she had in her movie, 45 Years, I’m counting it as a win for Team Redhead.


2.  Saoirse Ronan

Okay, I know Saoirse Ronan was blonde at the Golden Globes, but just hear me out.  First of all, she’s had red hair in most of the movies she’s known for–Grand Budapest Hotel, The Host, The Lovely Bones, and Brooklyn, the film she’s currently nominated for!  Secondly, she’s Irish. It’s in her blood. And lastly, let’s face it, she looks so much better as a redhead.  Her stylist for the Academy Awards is bound to tell her that.  I think it’s happening!


1. Eddie Redmayne

Number one on our countdown goes to the only fella who looks better in a red bob and red lipstick than I do–Eddie Redmayne.  And while I’m sure he’ll opt for a tux rather than a gown at the Academy Awards, one thing is certain, he will be rocking that red-mayne.


The odds may be slim, but it would be great to see a redhead take home an Oscar two years in a row!  So, keep your fingers crossed, because it’s a definite possibility.

Rock it like a Redhead!